MUFFIN-TOPBeautiful design and high quality should always go hand in hand, much like these Hand-blown glass with European Oak, Lamps. “A HAUNT HOME MUST”!!

MUFFIN lamps are born from ‘the notion of combining oak and blown glass. Produced in the Czech Republic, the design quality highlights the excellence in materials and craftsmanship. This series of Iamps creates a unique atmosphere through the glass varied tones and tints, while retaining complete functionality. The wooden base gives a warm and snug feeling, they look great against aged plaster and concrete walls.

BALLOONS. A collection of unique simple timeless lights made of the best quality crystal glass. Originally based on an Idea of a transparent invisible balloon with a floating reflector placed seamlessly in the glass bubble. The series is compounded from one table and two floor models ,creating an ambient artistic object. The largest piece from the collection is pushed to the limits in the sense of possible dimensions of hand made blown glass. The look and the idea of these clear translucent pieces fully provide a magical and fascinating accessory for the home.

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